MPOW Streambot Touch Review – Bluetooth 4.1 Receiver MBR10

Mpow Streambot Touch

Looking for a Bluetooth Receiver? The MPOW Streambot Touch MINI Bluetooth 4.1 Audio Music Receiver with 3.5mm Stereo Output for Home or Car Stereo Music Stream System might just be the perfect device for you. Currently sells for ~ $9 on Amazon (Paid Link)-


This device streams music and audio from a distant of up to 33 feet! It also has a pretty big internal battery that allows it to play for up to 18 hours and be on standby mode for up to 140 hours. It also fully recharges in less than 3 hours. The MPOW Streambot Touch(Paid Link) also allows for up to two phones or tablets to be paired at the SAME time. This allows you to control music from each of these devices almost simultaneously.


The device is a two toned metallic grey and block plastic. The top is black with several LED dots in a circular pattern and LED MPOW logo. The bottom is rubber that gives the device the ability to grip to surfaces. I really enjoy the look of the MPOW Streambot Touch(Paid Link). It looks awesome and the blinking lights and lit logo look really cool.


The size of this device is extremely impressive. The ability to fit this much functionality, lights, and battery life into a 2 inch round device is amazing. The size of this device makes it more suitable for using in your car, boat, or RV.

MPOW Streambot TouchSound Quality and Audio Playback:

While using the MPOW Streambot I found the audio quality to be amazing. The sound was crisp and full, the deep bass also came through very well. Playback was also very nice. The Bluetooth 4.1 was extremely easy to pair and responsive. There was not delay in sound transfer and the volume control worked perfectly. The ability to play and control music from two devices is a really cool feature. I love that I can easy play a song on one device, pause it, and then start playing music from another device. I really liked this feature.

I would highly recommend this device to anyone looking for a blue-tooth receiver. I found it easy to setup and use. The build quality and sound quality are amazing. The style of the device is eye catching and the lights look really cool!

If you found this review helpful please consider using the following affiliate link to purchase the device Link) Thank you for reading!

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