Mpow H2 Headphones Review

Mpow H2 Bluetooth Headphones w/ 4 Equalizer Modes, Both Wired & Wireless Headphones On Ear, HiFi EQ Headphones
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Video Review:

Looking for a new pair of bluetooth headphones? In this unboxing and review we look at the Mpow H2 Bluetooth Headphones(Paid Link). These Mpow Headphones feature 13 hours of play time, a foldable design, and 4 equalizer modes.

The Mpow H2 Headphones(Paid Link) feature 4 EQ modes. These modes include Natural sound effect, Heavy bass effect, High pitch effect, Rock music effect. I found the Mpow H2 Equalizer to work extremely well and it was very enjoyable to listen to.

Pros of the Mpow H2 Bluetooth Headphones(Paid Link):
– Extremely comfortable design. The Mpow H2 earmuffs and headband are very soft and cushioned. The earmuffs move to hit your ears and head
– Great look. the flat black looks great with the buttons and Mpow logo
– Audio sounds AMAZON. Great range, the bass is deep and loud. Zero distortion
– 4 Equalizer modes. This means the headphones are great for all types of music such as rapp, hip hop, and rock. They even have a mode for talk which is great for podcast.
– Similar to headphones from brands like TaoTronics, KANEN, Sony, Beats, ELEGIANT, Sound Intone, Avantree, Creative, and Bluedio
– The ability to plug an AUX cable into the headphones if the battery dies

Cons of the Mpow H2 Headphones(Paid Link):
– The microphone picks up your voice with fuzz, so it can be hard to understand what is being said
– I had a couple small issues with skipping when there was a wall or door between me and my phone. This didn’t last long but is something that should be noted.

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    1. Hello Brad, in my opinion they are better. They have a better build quality, are more comfortable, and with the equalizer have a better listening experience. I plan to do a comparison video in the future. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  1. Or i guess the better question would be… what is the BEST Sounding Bluetooth headphones under $100 you can recommend. Thanks Will be using them for the gym.

  2. Good Morning David. I was wondering if you have tested the Mpow M059. If you have which one do you recommend the H2 or M059. Thanks!

    Ps… Do you know if there are any discount codes for these Headphones. I have 3 children whom all want headphones for Christmas.

    1. Hello Susan, In my opinion the H2 headphones are better than the M059. They have better build quality and functionality. If you are getting the headphones for kids, the M059 do come in different colors so that might be useful. While I prefer the H2 headphones, the M059 headphones are still great. I am sorry but I do not have any promo codes at this time. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you so much for checking out my blog!

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