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mpow mlens v1

Looking to take better pictures with your cell phone? Check out the Mpow Fisheye,3 in 1 Clip-on Cell Phone Lens which feature 3 lens’ Fisheye, Wide Angle, and 20x Macro. Currently ~$17 on Amazon – Link)

Watch the video review:

mpow-clip-on-lensesBUILD AND QUALITY:

These lenses are extremely well made. The clips feel secure and show very little torque when being opened or closed. The clips even have rubber grips on them to ensure they are secure when clipped to your smart phone. The actual lenses look beautiful and give the idea that they are for professional photography. The threads used to attach the lenses to the clips are very smoothie and seem to have been perfectly threaded. I am VERY impressed with the build quality of the Mpow 3 in 1 clip-on cell phone lenses(Paid Link)

mpow clip on lenses mlensUSEAGE:

Before purchasing these lenses it is important to note that they cannot be used on a phone that has a case on it. Using them with a case will not work because the lens must be flush with the camera. If it is not flush your pictures will be extremely out of focus or distorted. I don’t think this is a negative at all, but something worth noting. To begin using these lenses you simply clip the lens to your phone. Make sure you completely cover the camera lens. It’s that easy. NOTE: Check the example pictures below.

mpow fisheye lensFISHEYE:

The Mpow Fish eye lens in this kit is fantastic. It truly captures 180 degrees of field of view. I was amazed at the area the lens was able to capture. One thing that makes the Mpow Fish eye stick out from other clip on fisheye lenses is that with the Mpow Fish eye lens the lens opening is large enough that it is not captured in the pictures. While using other brands of clip on lenses I have found that the fisheye captures the edges of the lens, not with the Mpow Fisheye. The pictures are full and crystal clear!

mpow macro lensMACRO:

The magnification that the Mpow 20X macro lens is able to capture is completely amazing. The zoom is so strong that you can easily count the threads on the microfiber pad Mpow provides with this kit. One thing to note while using the Macro lens is that the item you are capturing has to be very close to your to the clear portion of the macro lens, like almost touching the Mpow Macro lens. Once you get it in focus the magnification is stunning!

mpow wide angle lensWIDE ANGLE:

The Wide Angle lens is great. When I use it on my phone it is almost like zooming out. Meaning that the field of view gets larger and the camera captures so much more that it does normally. The main different between this and the fisheye is that there is a lot less distortion. For the fisheye to fit 180 degrees in a normal sized picture it requires a lot of distortion. The Wide Angle lens is able to capture a wider range of view with minimal distortion and the picture is extremely clear.

I absolutely love the Mpow Fisheye,3 in 1 Clip-on Cell Phone Lens ,Fisheye + 0.36x Wide Angle Lens for iPhone7 & Other Smartphones(Paid Link). They work great, are well built, and take great pictures. These would be a great stocking stuff for Christmas!

• iPhone 7, 6S, 6+, 6, 5, 5s, 4, 4s
• iPad Air 2. 1
• Fit all devices which the distance from its lens center to its top edge is within 1.2inch
• Samsung, Motorola, HTC

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Mpow Wide Andle Lens Example
Mpow Wide Andle Lens Example
mpow macro lens example
Mpow Macro Lens Example
Mpow Fisheye Lens Example
Mpow Fisheye Lens Example

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