Neewer Video Stabilizer Review

Neewer Video Stabilizer

One the hardest parts of filming and creating high quality video is making sure your video is smoothie and not shaky. There are many ways to achieve this. You can use video software that will stabilize, but this can deform and warp your entire video. The other option is to use a video stabilizer for your camera. Many of the available video stabilizers on the market are extremely expensive and meant for high dollar professional videos. This is where the Neewar stabilizer is perfect. It is inexpensive, I got it for under $30. Additionally it is made for smaller cameras such a GoPro, Cell phone, point and shoot, or light-weight DSLR. Currently on Amazon for ~$20 (Paid Link) –

Neewer Video StabilizerDuring my testing of the Neewer Video Stabilizer, I mainly tested it with my GoPro hero. I want to use this on an upcoming cruise so I was hoping it would stabilize the video for some walk through of the ship.

The first time you use this you will need to configure it to be balanced with which ever device you are using. I found that one bottom weight and minimal adjustments was nearly perfect for my Go Pro hero. Just move some of the weights so that the camera sits straight up and you are ready to go.

Neewer Video StabilizerIMPORTANT NOTE:

Because of the fish eye lens on the Go Pro you must position the go pro near the front of the Neewer Stabilizer. This will prevent your camera from picking up the stabilizer in your shot.

During my testing I found my shots were definitely smoother. (Click here to see the video camparision part of my video review)This device isn’t a simple attach and start using, it requires some concentration and practice from the user. I found that I need to be conscious of my walking speed and movements in order to get a truly smooth shot. The stabilizer did dampen the impact on my shot when my feet were hitting the ground when walking. The more you use this and play with the adjustments the better it will get.

Neewer Video Stabilizer handleThe weight of this device is not bad at all. During one of my videos I carried the thing up a mountain while I hiked. I found the handle to be conformable and the weight wasn’t too much for my arm, even after a long time of hiking. The video was also pretty smooth.

The bottom line is that this device works. It might take some time to get it balance correctly and learn how to move when using it, but after that it should work great. Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll be happy to answer them.

If you found this review helpful please consider using the following affiliate link to purchase the device Link). Thank you for reading!

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