HooToo Wireless Router AC1200 Setup Tutorial

Hootoo Wireless Router AC1200

Just purchase the HooToo Wireless Router AC1200 HT-ND001? In this video I show you how to correctly plug in the router and set it up. We go through initial configuration and setup the duel band Wifi. Follow the steps below to setup your HooToo AC1200 Wireless Router! Currently ~$70 on Amazon http://amzn.to/2cjBohF

Check out my video tutorial:

1. Power Cycle Your Modem

Plugs22. Connecting the Cables

  1. To begin plug the power cable into the connector labeled DC-IN
  2. Connect the Ethernet cable coming out of your cable modem in to the BLUE connector labeled WAN on the back of the Hootoo AC1200
  3. Connect an Ethernet cable into the yellow connector on the back of the Hootoo AC1200 to your computer.

3. Access the administration screen in your web browser

Hootoo login pageSimply go to in your web browser and use the password admin

Default Password: admin



4. Navigate to the WAN Settings under Network Settings

Mostly likely you will leave the settings as default here but you will need to make changes if your ISP offers any of the following:Hootoo WAN settings

  • Static IP: Static IP address provided by your ISP
  • PPPoE: Your ISP uses PPPoE. Username and password are provided by your ISP.
  • PPTP: Your ISP provides you with a server IP address, username, and password.
  • L2TP: Your ISP provides you with a server IP address, username, and password.

5. Navigate to the Basic Settings under WLAN Settings

Now it is time to set up both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi networks. Make sure to update the following fields for each of the frequenciesHootoo WLAN Settings

  • Wireless: Make sure this is enabled for both frequencies
  • Network Mode:  Choose 11b/n/g for 2.4 GHz and 11a/an/ac for 5 GHz
  • SSID: Change this to whatever name you would like to broadcast. I usually have a different name for each frequency, so I know which one I am connecting to.

6. Navigate to the Security Settings under WLAN SettingsHootoo Security Settings

One of the most important steps of setting up both WiFi frequency is setting up security. Make sure to update the following fields for each of the frequencies

  • Security Mode: Select WPA2 Personal
  • Pass Phase:  Choose the password of your choice. Make sure to include lowercase as well as uppercase letters and numbers. Try to make the password more than 15 characters.

7. Navigate to Change Password under System Tools
Hootoo Change Password

Now that the WiFi is fully functional, it is time to change the password to the admin page. This will prevent any unwanted configuration of your router settings. Make sure to update the following fields.

  • Old Password: Enter the default password – admin
  • New Password:  Enter a new password. This can be at most 12 characters and should include lowercase as well as uppercase letters and numbers.
  • Confirm New Password: Enter exactly what you entered in the New Password field.

If your internet is not working please try power cycling the HooToo Wireless Router AC1200 HT-ND001 as well as your cable modem. Please leave any questions in the comments, I am happy to help!

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  1. Found with Chromecast2 will not connect to 5 G to the HooToo with the Bandwidth setting set to 80. Setting this to 20/40 fixed the issue.

  2. I think my issue with setting up is the part under system status for wan status. It says connecting, not connected. Ideas?

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