How To Blur Video In Hitfilm Express

Editing video with HitFilm Express? In this HitFilm Express Tutorial I show you how to blur videos in HitFilm. In the latest version of HitFilm Express blurring video is very easy. Adding a blur affect can be useful when censoring faces, protecting personal information, or hiding other things.

Video Tutorial:

How to blur video in HitFilm Express 2017 or HitFilm Express 2018

Follow the steps below to blur or censor in Hitfilm Express:

  1. Open Hitfilm Express and begin editing.
  2. If needed use the Hitfilm slice tool to isolate the section of video requiring the blur effect or censoring
  3. Select the portion of video that needs to be blurred using the Selection tool and select Make Composite Shot.
  4. Once in the composite shot, add a new Grade layer
  5. Resize the new grade layer to fit your needs
  6. Right click on the layer and navigate through the menu to New Effect – Blurs – Blur
  7. You have now added blur to your video in Hitfilm Express 2017 / 2018

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