LUMIZOOM FZ250 Flashlight Review

Lumizoom FX250

LUMIZOOM FZ250 Tactical CREE LED Flashlight – Emergency, Camping, Aviation, or Security Light
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Looking for a new tactical waterproof flashlight? In this unboxing and review we check out the LUMIZOOM FZ250 CREE LED Flashlight. This flashlight features a super bright CREE LED, is weatherproof, has a strobe light flashing mode and is super tough because it’s made of aluminum.

Pros of the LUMIZOOM FZ250 CREE LED Flashlight

  • Super bright 250 lumens LED spans 492 feet
  • Adjustable beam that allows you to focus the light
  • Very sturdy aluminum build
  • Similar to other great brands such as J5 Tactical, PeakPlus, AYL, Prosvet, Akaho, TAC10 GEAR, YiFeng, Supernova, SDFLAYER, outlite, Hausbell
  • 2 brightness modes
  • Included carrying case
  • Strobe and medium mode
  • 6-Month Warranty

Cons of the LUMIZOOM FZ250 CREE LED Flashlight

  • Battery is not rechargeable
  • A little pricier than other brands
  • No advertised IP rating for waterproof and dust

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