How to get access for FREE

Looking to take online courses like In this video I show you how to get access to for FREE. This is through a free program called lyndaLibrary.

What is is an online educational company that offers 1,000s of courses cover tons of subjects like business, technology, photography, computers, web design, and much more. These classes are mostly made of of more than 150,000 video tutorials. Using access to cost more than $25 a month. With lyndaLibrary and what you learn in this video you can get for free.

What is lyndaLibrary?
lyndaLibrary is an agreement between and local libraries to allow FULL access to through Library computers or offsite access via your library membership credentials.
Users need to have a library membership to take advantage of this access. Local library memberships are free, thus allowing you to get for free.

Follow the steps to go to get a free membership to
1. Get a library card – Obtain a library card from your local library and get your membership # and Pin
2. Find your library portal. Your local library website should have a link to your specific LyndaLibrary portal. If you cannot find it on their website try the tips below –…
If you can’t find it online call you library.
3. Go to your portal and login using your library card credentials.
4. Enjoy
5. Subscribe to my YouTube channel 🙂 –…

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