How to Setup the Garmin Venu 2

Just get a Garmin Venu 2? In this tutorial, I show you how to setup and get started with your Garmin Venu 2 smartwatch. I also show you how to pair your iPhone or Android phone with your watch. Performing the initial setup on the Garmin Venu 2 is very simple and can be completed in less than five minutes.

Setup (Video Tutorial):

Follow the steps below to setup your Garmin Venu 2 :

  1. Hold down the top button (around the 2-o’clock position) to turn it on. You should see a triangle emblem, indicating that your watch is powering on.
  2. Once you see a screen displaying “Hello” in multiple languages, simply tap the screen. Scroll through the list of preferred languages and select your preference.
  3. The following screen asks if you would like to pair your watch with your phone; select the checkmark, indicating yes.
  4. Download and open the Garmin Connect app:
  5. Create an account on Garmin Connect or sign in to an already existing one.
  6. If the App doesn’t automatically prompt you to pair your new watch, simply:
  7. Once in Options, scroll down and select Garmin Devices.
  8. In Garmin Devices, select Add Device.
  9. On your Garmin Venu 2, select the checkmark under the message that says, “Download Garmin Connect Mobile App to get started.” This will initiate pairing between your smart watch and phone.
  10. Within Garmin Connect, your phone should find the Garmin Venu 2. Once it does, select Connect it.
  11. The Garmin Venu 2 should display a six-digit code. Type that code into Garmin Connect when it prompts you to enter the Bluetooth Pairing Request pin and then select Pair.

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