Elecwave Bluetooth Car Kit Review – EB06

In the market for a hands free car kit with a bluetooth receiver for streaming music? In this unboxing and review we look at the Elecwave EB06 Bluetooth Car kit(Paid Link). The Elecwave Bluetooth Car kit features two 2.4 amp USB charging connectors, a wireless bluetooth receiver for streaming audio, and extremely clear hands free calling. I found the Elecwave EB06 to be very easy to use and setup. It’s as easy has plugging in both the charger and the bluetooth receiver.

Video Review:

Bluetooth Receiver, Elecwave Hands-Free Phone Call Car kit & Music Streaming Receiver with Dual USB Car Charger 4.8A/5V + 3.5mm Aux Input for Home/Car Stereo Audio System + Magnetic Mounts EB06
Get it on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2BOk4xH (Paid Link)

Pros of the Elecwave Bluetooth Receiver Car Kit(Paid Link):

  • Compact  and wireless design that contain no wires. This makes installation super easy
  • Great looking design.
  • Bluetooth receiver is very easy to use with only one button. Also very easy to get connected to your phone.
  • Similar to other bluetooth receiver car kits from brands like Mpow, Soundbot, TaoTronics, Nulaxy, Kinivo, VicTsing, Nulaxy, Comsoon, Anker, ToHayie, Jabra, esinkin
  • Really like that it has two 2.4 amp charging ports. Allows you to charge two devices simultaneously.
  • Compatible with voice assistance like Siri and Google Assistant
  • Very high audio quality through bluetooth receiver. There was zero interference.
  • When placing calls through the bluetooth receiver the audio is very clear and the person you are talking to can hear you clearly as well. Very impressed with this aspect.
  • Bluetooth receiver charge last for at least 6 hours of usage

Cons of the Elecwave Bluetooth Receiver Car Kit(Paid Link):

  • Unable to use the bluetooth receiver when it’s charging. I think this is a huge negative as it can take at least an hour to charge the receiver. This means for that hour you are unable to listen to music or make calls using the receiver.

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