Anker Soundbuds Curve Headphones Review

Looking for a new pair of waterproof headphones? In this unboxing and review we look at the Anker Soundbuds Curve earbuds. These headphones feature 12 hours of play time, a very comfortable design, and are waterproof. In addition to that they are only $25 on Amazon.

Video Review:

Anker Soundbuds Curve Wireless Waterproof Built-In Microphone In Ear Lightweight Sports aptX Bluetooth Headphones
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Pros of the Anker Soundbuds Curve:

  • Very comfortable design. No discomfort even after 5 hours
  • Great sound quality. Very clear and crisp.
  • The Anker Soundbuds Curve headphones are available in several different colors
  • Design similar to other great headphone brands like Soundpeats, TaoTronics, SOWAK, Yoozon, esonstyle, Mpow, iClever, Amazon Generic, VAVA, senbowe, Phaiser
  • Easy to use control buttons that are easy to locate and use. I found the dangling controls to be very easy to use and enjoyable.
  • Included case that is very sturdy and protective
  • Very lightweight
  • The warning tones played by these headphones are very pleasant and do not hurt your ears. Usually low battery warnings or max volume warnings are painfully loud.

Cons of the Anker Soundbuds Curve:

  • Speaking on the phone is nearly impossible in a windy environment. Usually headphone dampen any wind noise but the Anker Soundbuds Curve did not do a good job of this.
  • Bass while very clear was slightly lacking

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