URANT Wireless Bluetooth Car Speaker

Looking to make hands free calls while driving but don’t own a car that includes that feature? In this video we look at the URANT Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Car Speaker Phone Car Kit Car Stereo Sun Visor Adapter. Amazon product link: http://amzn.to/2eGMpv2(Paid Link)

urantwirelessbluetoothcarspeakerLook and Build:

The look of the URANT Bluetooth Car Speaker is very clean and high tech. The car speaker fits very well on the sun visor in my car and seems to be secure even when moving the visor. I found that it doesn’t stick out to much from the visor, so there is no threat of it hitting me in the head. The large buttons on the URANT car speaker make it super easy to use. It is easy to quickly answer a phone call and then adjust the volume.


The URANT Wireless Bluetooth Car Speaker uses Bluetooth 4.1. This means that it allows you to have two phones paired at the same time. This is perfect for couples on road trips and maybe even Uber/Lift drivers, who have multiple smartphones. BT 4.1 is also highly compatible with iPhones, Android, Samsung, Moto, HTC, Nexus, Blu, and many more. The battery life on the URANT Car Speaker is amazing. On stand by it will last for over 1000 hours, that is over 41 days. This is perfect for just leaving on in your car. The battery also last for ~20 hours of talk time. This means speaker phone is perfect for leaving in your car for over a month with normal usage.

Bluetooth Device Name: YET-Pro6urantwirelessbluetoothcarspeaker3


urantwirelessbluetoothcarspeaker2I found that answering phones calls with the URANT Bluetooth Speaker Phone is very easy. Calls can be answered via the button on the speaker or on your cellphone. I like this because I can have my phone charging and not have to grab it to answer calls. The speaker also reads off the phone number that is calling so I can screen calls before I answer them. The call quality is great. I found that I can easily hear the caller, with the speaker directly over my head it is very easy to hear the calls and also for the callers to hear me. I tried listen to music through the URANT Car Speaker Phone but the quality to too low for music.

The URANT Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Phone is perfect for anyone looking to add hands free calling to their automobile. The bluetooth 4.1 offers amazing battery life and the call quality is great. I highly recommend this car kit to anyone looking to add this feature to their car. Product Link: http://amzn.to/2eGMpv2(Paid Link)


This device can be found on Amazon under a couple differnt brand names. I recommend checking the list below for the best price:
– Simmper Wireless Auto Visor Bluetooth Speaker Phone
– TIANSHILI Bluetooth Hands-free Sun Visor In-Car Speakerphone
– YETOR Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Car Visor Speaker Phone
– YAN Wireless Bluetooth Receiver Car Sun Visor Speaker Handsfree

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