Mpow Bluetooth FM Transmitter Review – T10

mpow bluetooth fm transmitter

Is your car missing Bluetooth Audio, Hands-free Calling, a Memory card slot, or a 3.5mm Audio AUX input? The Mpow Bluetooth FM Transmitter – T10 offers all of these features for only ~$21 on Amazon –

When I opened the Mpow Bluetooth FM Transmitter the first thing I notice was how cool it looked. It is a really great looking silver/gray with a large screen and attractive buttons. The size also seemed perfect. I was afraid with the large screen that the Mpow Bluetooth FM Transmitter would get in the way but I have not had that issue at all.

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Mpow Bluetooth FM SD Card


The Mpow T10 does exactly what it says it does. Once you have the Mpow Bluetooth FM Transmitter synced up with a radio station it will constantly broadcast to that frequency. Meaning there is no breaking from Bluetooth, SD card (TF card), or AUX in. It plays MP3s, Podcast, and Navigation instantly and it sounds great. This device will work great with any Bluetooth enabled device such as iPhone, Android, Samsung, iPad, and HTC.

Call and Sound Quality:

Mpow Bluetooth FM TransmitterPlacing and receiving calls with the Mpow Bluetooth FM Transmitter was very easy. The large call button on the front of the Mpow makes it super easy to answer while you are driving. The call quality was amazing and the people you are talking to can hear your voice loud and clear. The sound quality while play audio such as MP3 music or podcast sounds great. Any white noise that is heard while not playing audio goes away and the music comes through loud and beautifully. I even found it somewhat better than my AUX input on my Civic because there was no grounding noise from the engine. The music was crystal clear.

Mpow T-10NOTE: I found that while the Mpow T10 was not playing audio there is a little bit of white noise that came from my car speakers. I did not notice this when I was playing any audio or talking on the phone. I think this might be something that could be fixed by choosing a better radio frequency when setting up the device.

Screen and Design:

The Mpow Bluetooth FM Transmitter’s size and goose-neck allow it to fit great is the usually tight area around the radio and power outlet. I found that with it plugged in to my cigarette lighter it fit perfectly and didn’t get in the way of anything. The screen was large and well lit from the back light. The large screen shows a lot of useful information such as the radio frequency, volume, Bluetooth connection status, song names, caller ID number, car battery voltage, phone name, and song time played (when using SD card). All the buttons light up and it looks really cool!

Mpow Bluetooth FM Transmitter USB ChargerCharging:

One of the cool things about this MPOW T10 is you don’t lose the ability to charge your phone. The extra USB 2.1A output is awesome because I can charge my phone while I listen to Music, Podcast, or Navigation

Ease of Setup:

This Mpow Bluetooth FM Transmitter T10 is extremely easy to setup. As soon as it is turned on it goes straight into Pair mode. My phone was very quick to find the device and the pairing only took seconds. After that all I had to do was sync the radio station on the device and my radio and it was ready to play music!

TIP: TF Card Slot = Micro SD Card Slot

Please let me know if you have any questions!

When I bought my car on a budget I wasn’t concerned with what features the radio came with, I simply wanted a safe way to get to work. After driving for some time I saw some of the value of having features such as Bluetooth MP3 Player, Hands-free Calling, Micro SD (TF) card slot, and 3.5mm Audio AUX input. When I saw the Mpow Bluetooth FM Transmitter at ~$21, I was very excited to have found something that has the potential to add that functionality to my car.

This device seems to be sold under a few different brand names, so beware of the names below:
– Otium Bluetooth Wireless Radio Adapter Audio Receiver
– Anbero Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Adapter
– AVANTEK Bluetooth FM Tansmitter
– PUNICOK Wireless Car Bluetooth Adapter
– AiSpeed Wireless In-Car Hands-Free Car Kit Radio Adapter
– DeroTech Wireless In-Car Bluetooth Adapter Car Kit
– VicTsing Wireless In-Car Bluetooth Fm Transmitter Radio Adapter
– Nulaxy Universal Wireless Bluetooth LED FM Transmitter

If you found this review helpful please consider using the following affiliate link to purchase the device Thank you for reading!

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  1. Nice review. Have an old TEAC FM tuner with a headphone jack. Looking for a transmitter that would fit the headphone jack and broadcast to a bluetooth headphones. MPOW might do it but still not sure. Guidance sought

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