URANT Wifi Smart Socket Review and Setup Tutorial

Looking to get your first home automation gadget? Check out the URANT Wifi Smart Socket. It is extremely easy to setup and currently under $20 on Amazon – http://amzn.to/2cNgQCc(Paid Link)

urantsmartsocketDesign and Build:

One of the first things you notice about this device is how good it looks. It looks very clean and elegant. I think the look would fit in to most modern home decor and with the light would make it look more techie and modern. The build of this product is very high quality. The plastic does not feel cheap and seems to be strong. It feels as though it could survive a short fall and keep working. The power button on the front of the device also does not feel cheap


Even though this device is pretty simple, there are a couple of features worth noting. The first being the ability to be controlled through a connection to a WiFi network. This device can be connect to your WiFi network and turned on and off as well as set on different timers. This feature allows for something like a light to be automatically turned on at specific times and days. The second feature is that the plug includes the ground wire. This means you can plug-in more heavy duty appliances like ac units or refrigerators. I really like this about the URANT Wifi Smart Socket

urantwifismartsocketSetup and Configuration:

The URANT device was extremely easy to setup. The only area where I had any trouble was setting up an account in the Android app but this was a step that I was allowed to skip. Follow the steps below to step up the device.
1. Download the app ‘Broadlind e-control’ on your iPhone or Android device
2. Plug the Urant device in and hold the button until the light turns red and is also blinking blue.
3. In the app click the + symbol to add a device. Select your WiFi network and enter your network’s password. Once you have entered your password select the configure button.
4. The app will take about 20 seconds to configure. Once it has completed the configuration you should see your device listed on the screen.
5. Select the device

I have to say that for the price this device is awesome. The WiFi connection and control really works and the device is very capable with its custom timers and the grounding socket in the plug. Plus it looks great! I highly recommended.

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  1. Hi re Urant wifi enabled power socket I am looking for this to replace my existing stand alone analogue ( old fashioned) timer switch for the gas boiler unit. This will enable it to be controlled inter alia from inside home ( without having to go out to external boiler shed on cold days. Need to know if scheduling will replicate off / on daily settings schedule as per existing basic 24 hour timer .. weekly schedule timer a bonus but not essential. Also does cell or tablet have to be always on to ensure timer facility works as set up ?

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