Soundbot SB305 Wired Earbuds Review

Interested in purchasing a new pair of wired earbuds? In the unboxing and review we look at the Soundbot SB305 wired headphones(Paid Link). These headphones are inexpensive at only $7, feature a microphone for phone calls, and feature a multi-functional button. The multi-functional button allows for pause / play of music or podcast and answer / ending phone calls. In addition to those features the SB305 headphones are well built, comfortable, and light weight.

Video Review:

SoundBot SB305 Headset Ergonomic Secure-Fit Earbud Premium Earphone with Acoustic Structure Dynamic 7mm Transducer Driver, HD Quality, Intuitive Built-in In-line Control Mic In-Ear Noise Isolation
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Pros of the Soundbot SB305 Wired Earbuds(Paid Link):

  • Low cost at only ~$7. You can’t beat that!
  • Comfortable design. The earbuds are very soft and feel great in your ear. The SB305 earbuds include 3 different sizes of earbud caps so you can ensure the perfectly fit your ear.
  • Quality microphone that works great when making calls
  • Similar to other wired earbuds from brands like Panasonic, Wotmic, OUCOMI, cosnic, PWOW, Reddie, OUCOMI, Vomach, ROVKING, Mxstudio, Bambud, Vomercy, Sony
  • Wire seems of high quality with a sturdy splitter to ensure the wires do not break.
  • Multi functional button allows for control of audio being played by cell phone or tablet as well as answer and ending phone calls

Cons of the Soundbot SB305 Wired Headphones(Paid Link):

  • The earbuds are designed in a way that could allow them to go too deep in the ear canal. This might be an issue if a child is using them.

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