Soundbot SB305 Wired Earbuds Review

Interested in purchasing a new pair of wired earbuds? In the unboxing and review we look at the Soundbot SB305 wired headphones. These headphones are inexpensive at only $7, feature a microphone for phone calls, and feature a multi-functional button. The multi-functional button allows for pause / play of music or podcast and answer / ending phone calls. In addition to those features the SB305 headphones are well built, comfortable, and light weight.

Video Review:

SoundBot SB305 Headset Ergonomic Secure-Fit Earbud Premium Earphone with Acoustic Structure Dynamic 7mm Transducer Driver, HD Quality, Intuitive Built-in In-line Control Mic In-Ear Noise Isolation
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Pros of the Soundbot SB305 Wired Earbuds:

  • Low cost at only ~$7. You can’t beat that!
  • Comfortable design. The earbuds are very soft and feel great in your ear. The SB305 earbuds include 3 different sizes of earbud caps so you can ensure the perfectly fit your ear.
  • Quality microphone that works great when making calls
  • Similar to other wired earbuds from brands like Panasonic, Wotmic, OUCOMI, cosnic, PWOW, Reddie, OUCOMI, Vomach, ROVKING, Mxstudio, Bambud, Vomercy, Sony
  • Wire seems of high quality with a sturdy splitter to ensure the wires do not break.
  • Multi functional button allows for control of audio being played by cell phone or tablet as well as answer and ending phone calls

Cons of the Soundbot SB305 Wired Headphones:

  • The earbuds are designed in a way that could allow them to go too deep in the ear canal. This might be an issue if a child is using them.

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