Neewer 20 Inch Mini Tripod Review – CK-30

Looking to get a new mini tripod? In this unboxing and review we look at the CK-30 Neewer 20 inch table top tripod(Paid Link). This tripod features a standard 1/4 inch camera connector, the ability to get as small as 8 inches or as tall as 20 inches. I find this tripod to be nearly perfect. The build quality is extremely high, all of the joints feel sturdy, and it’s functionality is amazing!

Video Review:

Neewer 20 inches/50 centimeters Portable Compact Desktop Macro Mini Tripod with 360 Degree Ball Head,1/4 inches Quick Release Plate, Bag for DSLR Camera, Video Camcorder up to 11 pounds/5 kilograms
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Pros of the Neewer CK-30 20 Inch Mini Tripod(Paid Link):

  • Amazingly sturdy build quality. The metal feels very strong and has a good weight to it
  • Extremely adjustable. There any many different ways to adjust this tripod and get the desired shot. Very impressed with this aspect.
  • Perfect size of between 8 inches to 20 inches. It can even get lower on the table than that if you need to get very low shots.
  • Similar to other table top tripods from brands like RetiCAM, AmazonBasics, Manfrotto, Camopro, Albott, Slik, Vanguard, LimoStudio, BAALAND, ZOMEi, Mactrem
  • Standard 1/4 inch camera screw. Makes it compatible with other gadgets such as lights and projectors
  • 360 degree swivel ball head makes it easy to adjust your camera
  • Includes a carrying case
  • Can hold cameras that weigh up 11 pounds

Cons of the Neewer 20 Inch Table Tripod(Paid Link):

  • Might be too heavy for some people at around 2 pounds
  • There is no way to pan without unlocking the swivel ball

More Pictures:

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