How To Earn 100 GB of FREE Google Drive Storage Through Google Local Guides

Google local Guides

Need more Google Drive storage?!?! If so, become a Google Local Guide and earn up to 100GB of FREE Google Drive storage. Watch this video to learn how to get TONS of free cloud storage with Google Drive!

Online cloud storage like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, ADrive, Cubby, Apple iCloud and Hive are gaining in popularity. The problem is that most of these services limit the free storage to around 15 GB. This is great but most people need more. Google has launched a great way for people to easily earn more storage through Google Local Guides. Local Guides allows Google users to earn up to 100GBs FOR FREE for one year!!!


Simply follow the link below and select “Start Contributing”. This will begin your journey as a Google Local Guide. As Local Guides you earn points when you contribute to Google Maps in the following ways: Add/Edit Locations, Add Pictures, Post Location Reviews, and Answer Questions.

As you earn points you will start to level up into the 5 different levels of the Local Guides program. Each level comes with its own benefits.

Level 1 (0+ Points): Free Google Workshops and Monthly local Guide Newsletter
Level 2 (5+ Points): Early access to Google Products and Local Guide Meet-ups
Level 3 (50+ Points): Local Guide Badge, Access to Local Guide Community, Receive invites to Google Local Guide events
Level 4 (200+ Points): 100GBs of FREE Google Drive Storage and Eligible to be a featured Local Guide
Level 5 (500+ Points): Beta Test Google Products, eligible to attend Local Guide Summit

HOW TO GET STARTED:Google Maps menu

Start by contributing in the Google Maps app or on
Learn more at the official Google Local Guides homepage:


Official statement about free Google Drive Storage:…

Google tips for writing great reviews:…

How to add, remove, or share photos in Google Maps:…

Official Google Maps photo policy:…

More information about the benefits of each level:…

Google recently changed the benefit from 1TB of storage for 2 years to 100GB of storage for 1 year.

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