Hootoo Wireless Router AC1200 Review – HT-ND001

Hootoo Wireless Router AC1200 Review

In today’s world nearly all of our entertainment requires some sort of connect to the internet. Be it music, gaming, TV, movies, or even sports. It all is widely available on the internet and the usage of these sources of internet entertainment are growing. The Hootoo Wireless Router AC1200 offers dual band technology that will ensure your home internet works great. Currently ~$70 on Amazon http://amzn.to/2cjBohF(Paid Link)

Look and Design:

HooToo Wireless Router AC1200 HT-ND001The first thing you notice about the Hootoo Wireless Router AC1200 is how awesome it looks. The plastic is reflective and the design offers an almost diamond edge appearance that looks really cool. In fact, I liked the look so much that I have it setup in a place where I can show it off. The back of the device has many holes to allows for proper airflow that will protect it from overheating. The bottom of the device has a solid bar that keeps the device upright, it does not seem possible to lay the device flat as the cables connect on the back of the device. Not a negative but something to note. It is also missing any sort of mounting bracket or holes for mounting.

Hootoo Wireless Router AC1200Ease of Setup and Administration:

One important note for setup and administration is that the IP address for the admin page is not the standard Once you type that in you will reach the admin page where the default password is admin. Setup is extremely easy. The page names are very descriptive and easy to navigate. The process of setting of the router can be done in about 7 steps through the admin page. Check out my Hootoo Wireless Router AC1200 Setup Tutorial(Paid Link). This tutorial includes a video walk through of the setup process as well as detailed instructions.

Features:Hootoo Wireless Router AC1200

For the price of this router it packs in some awesome features. This router has duel band frequency 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The duel frequency feature is awesome because you can put more bandwidth intensive devices on the 5 GHz frequency to ensure they have less interference with your neighbors. The router also allows for USB and Micro SD cards to be attached to the device and shared on the network. These files can also be made available outside the network via FTP. I found that this worked great but I could not get it work with a USB hard drive. It worked great with just a USB flash drive but having the ability to attach a hard drive to the router would have been a great feature. Accessing the files was pretty easy, first you scan the drive via the router admin page then just open the files via an explorer window pointed to //

Internet Experience and Signal Coverage:

Hootoo Wireless Router AC1200My experience using this device has been a significant increase in my internet speed and reliability. I live in an apartment so there are a lot of other people with WiFi around me. I believe the dual band frequencies has helped with interference and therefore increased the reliability of my internet. I use a Chromecast to watch most of my entertainment. Using the Chromecast with this device has been so much better. The video play faster and casting of Chrome Tabs works amazingly. I have truely been surprised by how much of a positive impact this device has had on my internet.

Overall I am extremely happy with the Hootoo Wireless Router AC1200. It has made my WiFi network more stable and watching netflix/HBOgo works a lot better. I would recommend this device to anyone looking for a new router. The price is great at ~$70 and the features are awesome.

If you found this review helpful please consider using the following affiliate link to purchase the device http://amzn.to/2cjBohF(Paid Link). Thank you for reading!

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  1. Does this have Gigabyte Ethernet? Nothing on their website or in the manual says. You think that would be important to list.

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