ECEEN 7W Solar Panel Review – 2000mAh Solar Battery Charger

Looking to ensure you have power on the go? ECEEN Solar Power Bank and Solar Panel allows you to charge your cellphone, tablet, or any other device via micro USB. It also features a 2000MAh battery. Currently ~$32 on Amazon Link)

Look & Size:

eceensolarpanelThe ECEEN Solar Panel looks awesome! I ordered the black version and I am very happy I did. The black gives it a very strong look. This coupled with high tech looking solar panel makes you stick out when hiking. The solar battery features 4 charge level indicator lights as well as a power button that turns red when it is being charged by the sun. The size of the solar panel is perfect for attaching to a backpack. It would also be great for a window of your car if you wanted to charge the battery before a hike.

ECEEN Solar Power Bank, High efficiency 7 Watts Solar Panel & 2000mAh Battery Pack
ECEEN Solar Power Bank, High efficiency 7 Watts Solar Panel & 2000mAh Battery Pack


I am truly surprised by the build of the ECEEN Solar Panel. The panel it’s self can bend. Not flex a little, this thing can bend. The nylon used on the outside of the panel seems extremely strong and durable. There were no loose threads or anything that seemed poorly made. It is clear the ECEEN Solar panel is built to last for a long time. The battery is coated in a rubber material that seems pretty protective. It is also in a net pocket, which will provide a little bit more protection.

Solar Battery Charging:

eceensolarpanel5During my usage of this device, I found that the charging capability exceeded my expectations. To start, the solar panel is extremely sensitive. I found that the solar battery would begin charging as soon as it was exposed to any sunlight. I tested the solar panel and found that it took ~5 hours for it to fully charge the battery in medium sunlight. I am really happy with how well this solar panel charges the 2000 mAh Battery.

Charging Devices:

eceensolarpanel2The first thing to note here is that the output on the solar panel is a USB port. This means you can charge anything that has this sort of connector including flashlights, book lights, iPhone, Samsung, Smartphones, Tablets, Bluetooth Speaker, Kindle, Gopro, Camera’s and power bank batteries. I did some test using an app call Ampere that allows me to see the output of current of the charger. I recorded around 600 to 750 mAh out from the solar panel. While this is less than a normal wall charger it is far better than I expected. The Eceen 7 Watt Solar Panel does a great job of charging my phone. It has become a must have for me when hiking.

Overall, I love the ECEEN 7 Watt Solar Panel. It worked better than I expected, is well made and EXTREMELY durable, and looks really cool. I highly recommend it to any one interest in getting a solar panel to add to their back pack.

eceen solar panel
ECEEN Solar Power Bank, High efficiency 7 Watts Solar Panel & 2000mAh Battery Pack

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