TaoTronics ANC Headphones Review – Foldable Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

TaoTronics ANC Headphones Review - Foldable Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

TaoTronics ANC Foldable Bluetooth Headphones Durable Over-Ear Headphones with Soft Protein Ear Pads & 24 Hour Playtime CVC 6.0 Noise Cancelling Mic Wireless Headphones
TaoTronics ANC Headphones

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Looking for a new pair of Active Noise Cancelling headphones? In this unboxing and review, we test the TaoTronics Foldable Active Noise Cancelling Headphones. These ANC headphones feature 24 hours of playtime, a high-quality microphone, and the ability to plug them into a power source if the battery dies.


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Pros of the TaoTronics ANC Headphones:

Taotronics Folable ANC Headphones (13)

– High audio quality from the headphones.
– The microphone is very high quality and could even be used for conference calls or online gaming.
– Great look with the smoke black, accent rings, and TaoTronics logos.
– Foldable design makes it easier to travel with the TaoTronics ANC Headphones.
– The active noise canceling works as expected and just as good as any other ANC headphones.
– Very comfortable with large padding on the earmuffs.

Cons of the TaoTronics ANC Headphones:

– No included caseTaotronics Folable ANC Headphones (12) – Not very much padding on the headband
– No indicator LED for the Active Noise Cancelling
– Audio sounds better with the ANC turned on, this means the true battery life is only 20 hours.

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