NSInew VR Headset Review – Virtual Reality Goggles

Looking to experience virtual reality or play VR games? Check out the NSI New VR V3.0 3D VR Headset or 3D VR Glasses – High-Definition VR Goggles for Virtual Reality Gaming, 3D Movies, 360˚ Videos, etc. Comfortable VR Helmet – Bonus Bluetooth Remote – Amazon link – http://amzn.to/2g8rHar(Paid Link)

I’ve tried Google Cardboard and really liked it for one reason, just testing VR. For usage longer than a couple minutes or even for truly immersive virtual reality, you really need to get a true VR Headset. The NSI New VR Googles are some of the highest quality and fit nearly all cellphones.

nsivrgoggles3The NSI Virtual Reality Headset is extremely comfortable! The part of the googles that is pressed against your face features a very soft padding that is about a half of an inch thick. This lessens the feeling of the headset and makes the experience more immersive. All of the individual straps on the headset are adjustable through Velcro, making it extremely easy to get the perfect fit. Depending on the phone you are using, the weight of the headset was noticeable but not too much. My Motorola X gen 2 is pretty heavy though.

nsivrgoggles4The NSI VR Headset has a very large compartment for your cellphone. This compartment fits phones from 3.5 inches to 6 inches and should be compatible with iOS iPhones and Android Samsung, HTC, Moto, Pixel, Nexus, and any other droid smartphones. The compartment has an adjustable holder that will automatically grab your cellphone and secure it inside of the headset.

Once your phone as been secured there are 3 knobs on the top of the VR headset that allow you to adjust the depth of the lenses so that the picture is clear. I found this to be extremely useful when using different phones with different size screens or cases. It was easy to adjust the lenses and get everything looking great.nsivrgoggles2

nsivrgogglesThis VR headset comes with a controller that can be used with games or to control the screen while the phone is in the headset. While this is great is practice, I was unable to get the controller to actually control anything once it was connected to my phone. The controller takes 2 AAA batteries and can be used through Bluetooth with Android and iOS iPhone cellphones.

While I was unable to get the controller to work, I found this headset to be incredible. The amount of FREE virtual reality content is amazing. YouTube has thousands of awesome videos and there are hundreds of games that also utilize this technology. I was impressed with the size of phone that fits in this device and also how comfortable it is to wear the headset. The image is extremely clear and very easy to adjust if needed. I love this device and highly recommend it to anyone looking to get a VR Headset. Check it out on Amazon – http://amzn.to/2g8rHar(Paid Link)


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