How to VAMP Up Your Social Media for Halloween

Halloween - Social Media Tips and Tricks FI

…and quickly remove any disasters the following morning


This day is usually filled with spooky tricks, loads of candy, costumes (with a ton of Instagram action) and, of course, scary movies and TV shows.  In case you are wondering if Gauging Gadgets is a one-man team, it kinda is. Occasionally, I (Julie, Hi!) try to help out with back-end projects. So, I thought I would fill you in on some of my favorite Halloween social media tips to really help you stand out among the sea of posts.

Before you start a mad social media posting frenzy… like when you’re at work or something not important, try some of the tips below:



When you wake up the following morning with a hangover and a few regrets:


I hope you’ve enjoyed these helpful tips!  Be safe on the roads, watch for trick-or-treaters, and go ahead and download the Lyft app if you haven’t already: 

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