Create Custom Watch Faces for the Garmin Venu – Make Your Own Watch Face

create custom watch faces garmin

How to make your own watch faces for the Garmin Venu? In this tutorial, I show you how to create watch faces with your own images using Garmin Face It. Garmin Face It allows anyone to customize their Garmin watch face to include their own pictures. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about how to create custom watch face for your Garmin Venu.

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Note: The steps in this tutorial will work on almost all Garmin smart watches including Venu, Vivoactive 4, Vivoactive 4, Fenix 5, Fenix 6, Forerunner 45,  Forerunner 235, Forerunner 935, Forerunner 945, Forerunner 645, Forerunner 245, and Forerunner 735.

Video Tutorial:

Download the Garmin Connect IQ store here:

Follow the steps below to create your own watch faces:

  1. Login to the Garmin Connect IQ Store.
  2. Once the store loads, select the horizontal lines in the top right to open the menu and select Face It.
  3. Once Face It loads, select the plus symbol at the bottom of the page to create a new watch face.
  4. First select the image from your phone to use as the background for your watch face.
  5. Now select the format of your watch face. This includes the data sets that will be show and if the watch face is either analog or digital. 
  6. Select the accent colors for your watch face.
  7. Then select the style of your watch hands or digital clock.
  8. Once completed editing your watch face, select Done.
  9. Name your watch face.
  10. You will now see an example of your watch face, select Send to Device to install the watch face on your Garmin watch.

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