Mpow H9 Headphones Review

Looking for a new pair of on-ear bluetooth headphones? In this unboxing and review we look at the Mpow H9 Headphones. The Mpow H9 Headphones feature 12 hours of play time, Wireless / Wired modes, and a very comfortable design. Additionally, these headphones are only $30 on Amazon.

Video Review:

Mpow H9 Bluetooth Headphones On-Ear, Hi-Fi Wireless Headset, Deep Bass, Wireless and Wired Headphones with Mic for PC/Cell Phones
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Pros of the Mpow H9 Headphones(Paid Link):

  • 12 hours of play / talk time
  • Very comfortable design. While these are on ear headphones, they are cushioned enough that they don’t hut your ears, even after long periods of usage.
  • Bluetooth 4.1, so they are compatible with nearly all smart phones and devices.
  • Built in microphone that works great and is very clear when placing calls.
  • Sounds quality is good for the price of these headphones. I found the highs and mids to be very clear while not being tinny. The lows could be stronger but I found it to be an enjoyable listening experience.
  • The Mpow H9s are extremely light and feel secure when on your head. This adds to the comfort
  • Most of the Mpow H9 headphones are mostly made out of metal and seems very sturdy

Cons of the Mpow H9 Headphones(Paid Link):

  • No included carrying case
  • The buttons require a long press to change the volume. I found it to be hard to accurately change the volume.
  • The price seems a little bit high for these headphones. I would expect them to be prices at $25

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