How To Turn Off YouTube Restricted Mode On Phone – Android and iOS

Turn Off Restricted Mode on Youtube 2019

Learn how to turn off/on YouTube restricted Mode on your phone.  In this tutorial, I show you how to disable YouTube Restricted Mode within the YouTube app; it should work on any Android or iOS phone.  This can be useful if your YouTube account is mistakenly restricting your access to certain videos because this is enabled.

Video Tutorial:

Enabling and disabling YouTube Restricted Mode can be done in a flash and is an asset to parents who would like to block videos containing adult content on their children”s phones, but it can also eliminate the frustrations of having content restricted if you are an adult. 

Follow the steps below to disable YouTube restricted on your account:

  1. Open YouTube app and then select the avatar in the top-right to open your Account Menu. Turn Off Restricted Mode on Youtube 2019 Avatar Button
  2. Scroll down and select Settings.
  3. Select General.
  4. Scroll down until you see Restricted Mode.  The toggle will be on, so simply move it to off.Turn Off Restricted Mode on Youtube 2019 Restricted Mode Toggle
  5. There is no need to save, so back out of the settings and refresh the YouTube app; Restricted Mode should be turned off now.  If you are still experiencing restricted controls on your videos, we recommend restarting your phone and/or the YouTube app.
    • If you would like to enable Restricted Mode, just follow steps 1-3, but rather than toggling it off in step 4, just toggle it back on.

Please leave a comment if you experience any issues turning off YouTube restricted on your phone.

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