How to Fix the Dead Android and Red Triangle Error Symbol

Dead Green Android Symbol with Red Triangle Exclamation Mark

Has your phone or tablet stopped working and is now showing a red triangle with an exclanation point?  If so, this means your Android device has crashed and entered into recovery mode.  It might seem daunting, but the actual recovery process is really fairly simple.   

Some of you might be wondering what the meaning of the Green Android laying down (seemingly dead) with a red triangle and exclamation point inside it actually means.  Basically, it can mean one of two things: 

  • If the dead Green Android symbol is accompanied by a blue bar underneath it, then this means your Android device is currently being updated.  All you need to do is allow it to finish updating and reboot itself. 
  • If there isn’t a blue bar under the dead Green Android, then your Android device has crashed and is awaiting a command from you to correct it.  

Watch the video below in order to fix your crashed Android phone or tablet with a few very simple steps.
  1. Hold the power and volume up and down buttons at the same time.  A blue text screen should appear over the dead Android symbol. 
  2. Select Reboot System Now using the volume up and down buttons to navigate your device and the power button to select.  
  3. If rebooting the system doesn’t work, perform step 1 again, but instead select Wipe Cache Partition. 
  4. If neither of those options work, you’re unfortunately stuck having to do a factory reset by performing step 1 again and then selecting Wipe Data/Factory Reset. 

Other Resources: 

You can also consider doing a hard reset on your device.  Please see my other tutorial video here for those instructions: 

Check out this Android Repair Kit (Paid Link) ?  

Google also has a support article on how to repair a dead Android:… 

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