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Learn how to add a picture or video to Google Maps.  In this tutorial, I show you how to upload your own images and videos from a specific location to Google Maps.  This is great if you own your own business and would like to add photos for potential customers to see, if you found a really fun hiking spot you would like to share with the world, or if you generally want to give others your impression of a location.  

Video Tutorial:

If you are anything like us, we usually scroll through the available photos on Google Maps before we plan an outing.  This is particularly helpful on hiking or camping trips, where we really want to SEE what we’re getting into. Adding photos to Google Maps is very simple and is worth the extra effort if you really want to give a location some attention (good or bad).

Follow the steps below to upload an image to Google Maps for a specific location:

  1. Find and select a location on Google Maps where you have taken a photo.  Make sure you open the location to full screen.
  2. Select Photos.upload photos google maps photos
  3. Select Add a Photo.  Select the photo you would like to add and then select Post.  
  4. You should get a thank you message; this will confirm that you added the photo/video!

Follow the steps below to see all of your Google Maps uploads:

  1. Select the three horizontal lines Menu button within Google Maps.upload photos google maps photos see old posts
  2. Select Your Contributions.
  3. Select Photos.
  4. Select a photo and you can see its views and add a caption.  Save any changes by hitting the send button.

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