Etekcity Voltson Mini Smart WiFi Outlet Review and Setup

Etekcity Voltson Mini Smart Wi-Fi Outlet

Looking to get your first smart home gadget? In this unboxing, Review, and Tutorial we go over the Etekcity Voltson Mini Smart Wi-Fi Outlet Switch Plug. This smart home wifi outlet is perfect for your first smart home device and is very easy to setup! Product Link: Link)

Video Review:

The first thing you notice about the Etekcity Smart WiFi Outlet is its size when compared to other WiFi Outlets. The Etekcity Outlet is much small and only takes up one plug. This makes it much more versatile and useful for wall sockets that require the usage of more than one plug. I also found the setup to be extremely quick and easy. Once installed, the app can control the Smart Plug to do many things. I could easily turn on and off the smart plug but I could also schedule times for the plug to turn off and on. When the plug was on and had something plugged into it, I can see how much voltage is being used and even see historical usage.

Follow the steps below to learn how to configure your Voltson Mini Smart Wi-Fi Outlet:
1. Plug in the Voltson Mini Smart Wi-Fi Outlet
2. Download the app VeSyncOutlet from the iPhone Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
3. Install the VeSyncOutlet App
4. Create a VeSyncOutlet user account
5. Enter the login and password for your Wi-Fi network. The app will then automatically find the Voltson Mini Smart Wi-Fi Outlet and configure it.
6. Subscribe to my channel 🙂

Helpful Links:
iTunes App Store VeSyncOutlet App Link:
Google Play Store VeSyncOutlet App Link: //
Amazon Product Link: Link)

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