Savfy True Wireless Headphones Review

SAVFY True Wireless Headphone Mini Bluetooth Headphones 4.1 Sports In-Ear Earbud Headset with CSV 6.0 Noise Cancelling Mic and Portable Charging Case
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Looking for a pair of truly wireless headphones? In this unboxing and review we look at the SAVFY True Wireless Mini Bluetooth 4.1 In-Ear Earbuds With Portable Charging Case. I also do a brief setup tutorial, showing how to get them to connect. These headphones have no wires, that’s right they are truly wireless. In addition to this, they have charge in a battery pack that can acted as a 2100mAh power bank. This battery pack holds enough power to charge the earbuds 5 times or fully recharge your iPhone or Android cellphone once.

The look and feel of the Savfy True Wireless Headphones is truly amazing. They are surprising small. When wearing them, they feel snug and comfortable, all while being almost completely unnoticeable. The body of the earbud is made out of a very durable metal. Each earbud is waterproof and sweatproof with a rating of IPX5.

The portable charger is surprisingly functional and useful. First it is a 2,100mAh power bank with USB out. This should allow you to fully charge just about any cellphone on the market. Inaddition this portable charger is used to charge the headphones. The charger is magnetic, making the headphones very easy charge by simply dropping them in to the connection ports on the charger. Each earbud has a red indicator light to let you know they are charging.

I have been extremely impressed with how well the Savfy headphones work. The audio quality is incredible for something so small. The audio is loud, has pretty good bass, is very clear and crisp. It seems more like it is coming from a speaker than a mini earbud!

Important things to note about the Savfy True Wireless Headphones:
• Very similar to Rowkin Bit Charge Stereo Truly Wireless Headphones w/ Portable Charger and other brands such as FKANT, SoundPEATS, Cobble Pro, Lesoom, XIAOWU, allimity, MUZC, Erato Audio, Syllable, and Jabra
• Connecting the two earbuds was very simple.
• The noise canceling work extremely well

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