How to Edit PDF file with Microsoft Word

How to edit a PDF file with Word? In this tutorial, I show you how to edit a PDF for free with Microsoft Word. This means you can convert any PDF to a word doc, edit it, then save it as a PDF. Editing PDF files in Word is easy and doesn’t require any software.

Edit PDF file with Microsoft Word (Video Tutorial):

Follow the steps below to edit a PDF file with Word :

  1. Open Microsoft Word on your PC or Laptop.
  2. Select Open in the left menu.
  3. Then choose Browse to find and open the PDF file.
  4. Select OK and give Microsoft word a minute or two to convert your PDF file to a Word doc.
  5. You can now edit the PDF file as a Word doc.
  6. Now to save the edited PDF, select File in the top menu.
  7. Select Save as.
  8. Select the drop down menu under the file name and select PDF then select Save.

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