How to Add Thumbnails on YouTube using YouTube Studio App – Android or iPhone

How to enable and add custom thumbnails on YouTube using your phone?  In this tutorial, I show you how to upload customized thumbnails to your videos using your Android or iPhone.  If you are new to YouTube, there are some steps that you have to go through in order to be allowed to add custom thumbnails.  If you are currently unable to add customized thumbnails, what you need to do is verify your YouTube account (see below).

Verify account link:

Verify Account Video Tutorial:

*Note: this portion of the tutorial is done inside your browser, not the YouTube Studio app.

How to enable custom thumbnails on your YouTube account (verify your YouTube channel account):

  1. Go to:
  2. Under Account verification step 1 of 2, select your country from the drop-down list and select either to text or call with the verification code.  You will then be prompted to add your phone number.  
  3. After you add your phone number, select Submit.  You should receive a text or phone call (depending on what you preferred) with the verification code.
  4. Enter your verification code and select Submit.  You should see √ Verified! Then, select Continue.
  5. At the bottom of your channel status page, under Custom Thumbnails, you should see Enabled.

Download YouTube Studio App:


Video Tutorial:

Create custom thumbnail art for FREE with this tutorial: 

How to add custom thumbnails to an existing video using your Android or iPhone and the YouTube Studio app:

  1. Open YouTube Studio app and log in.
  2. Select the Menu (three horizontal lines icon) and then select Videos.
  3. In Videos, select the video you would like to add a thumbnail to, then select the pencil icon in the top of the screen (to edit video)
  4. Select Edit Thumbnail and then select Custom Thumbnail.
  5. Find the custom thumbnail image on your phone and select it.
  6. Select Select in the top right and then select Save Changes.

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