Zealot S5 Bluetooth Speaker

ZEALOT S5 Speaker

Looking for a new Wireless Bluetooth Speaker? In this unboxing and review video we show you the ZEALOT S5 Bluetooth Speaker. Currently ~$17 on AMAZON – http://amzn.to/2itozXZ(Paid Link)

Video Review:

The ZEALOT S5 wireless speaker(Paid Link) is great Bluetooth speaker. The first thing you notice when taking it out of the box is that is a a really good weight to it and it looks AWESOME. The outside is made up of a black grill like material and it even comes with a rubber case that seems extremely protective! The case features a clip that works great when attaching the speaker to your backpack for hiking.

One thing I do not like about the Zealot S5 speaker(Paid Link) is the on and off button. It feels cheap and the tactile feel when it is pressed is very similar to the cap of a jar. Other than that the speaker seems extremely well made.

The Zealot S5 speaker(Paid Link) has tons of options for playing and listening to media. The most evident it through Bluetooth but it will also play media through Micro SD card, Aux input, FM Radio, and USB flash drive. So you have a lot of options and all of these work great. The speaker sounds great and it gets pretty loud! The battery life seems be as advertised as well. I have used it for several hours with no issues. I really like that the charging is through a micro USB makes it really convent to charge and doesn’t require any additional charging cables.

I really like it and have used it around my house and while hiking. I have to say that the size is perfect for using on the go. I highly recommend it!

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