How to View Website Page Source on iPhone or iPad iOS View HTML on Mobile

Need to view website page source information on your iPhone or iPad?  In this tutorial, I show you how to easily view web page HTML or CSS from your mobile device.  Viewing a website’s source code from your phone is very simple and can be completed in a few steps.  This is great if you would like to see the information behind a website, are curious how they created the site, or just need to grab a quick bit of information, such as a font name.

Video Tutorial:

Note: View Source app is required to complete this tutorial.  Download it here:

How to view website page source information from your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Download and open View Source app:
  2. Within the search bar, paste the link to the website, and select Go or click the Enter key.  The website source code should load.
  3. This app is also connected to Safari.  If you would like to view source code from a website open in Safari, select the Share button and then scroll all the way to the bottom.  Select View Source. This will open a new page that shows you the source.

Upgrade your iPhone to iOS 13: 

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