How to Turn Off Instagram Dark Mode – Android & iPhone

How to turn off Instagram Dark Mode from your iPhone or Android?  In this tutorial, I show you how to turn off or disable Dark Mode on Instagram from your cellphone. With the recent update to Instagram, some people are reporting that Instagram Dark Mode as automatically turned on. Disabling Instagram Dark Mode is easy on both an iPhone and Android Phone (Samsung, Google Pixel, Blu, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, and LG). Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions while turning off Instagram Dark Mode.

Video Tutorial:

How to Turn On Instagram Dark Mode: 

How to disable Dark Mode on Instagram from your iPhone:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Scroll down and select Display & Brightness.
  3. Make sure that Light is selected.  If you would like to set it to just turn on/off at night, select the toggle for Automatic, otherwise Light will be enabled constantly.
  4. The next time that you open your Instagram App, Dark Mode should be off.  Keep in mind, if you only set it to turn on at night, then Dark Mode will only be enabled on Instagram at night.
  5. If you have turned off iOS Dark Mode and Instagram is still in dark mode, I recommend uninstalling and then reinstalling the Instagram app to fix this issue.

How to disable Dark Mode on Instagram from your Android phone:

  1. Open the Settings.
  2. Select Display.
  3. Make sure that Dark Theme is turned off.  
  4. Instead of opening Instagram from your phone, open it from the Google Play store to ensure that you have the latest version of Instagram installed.

If you are still seeing Instagram Dark Mode even after turning it off, I recommend clearing the Instagram app cache. Follow the steps below to clear the Instagram app cache:

  1. Open the Android settings.
  2. Select Apps & Notifications.
  3. Select App info.
  4. Find Instagram in the list of apps.
  5. Select Storage & Cache.
  6. Select Clear Cache.
  7. If Instagram dark mode is still on, I recommend uninstalling and then reinstalling the app.

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