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tp-link firmware upgrade

How to upgrade the firmware on your TP-Link powerline wifi extender? In this tutorial, I show you how to easily update the software on your TP-Link Powerline wifi adapter. This includes TP-Link AV200, AV600, AV1000, AV1200, AV1300, and AV2000. Upgrading the firmware on your TP Link wifi range extender can provide better security, more stability, and even faster internet speeds.

Note: This tutorial can be performed on nearly any internet connected device including Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, Android phone, Linux computer, and Chromebook.

Video Tutorial:

TP-Link Wifi Range Extender Login Page:
TP-Link website for firmware upgrade file:
Get your TP-Link powerline wifi extender here(paid link):

Compatible TP-Link devices and related links:


Follow the steps below to upgrade the firmware on your TP-Link powerline network extender:

  1. Connect to the wifi signal being created by your TP-Link WiFi extender
  2. Go to and login to the admin page. Usually username: admin and password: admin by default.
  3. Once logged in, in the left sidebar select System Tools, then Firmware Upgrade.
  4. On the Firmware Upgrade page find the hardware version information and take note of the model number and version.
  5. Go to the TP-Link website and search for the model number found in step four.
  6. Once you have found your model on the TP-Link website, select support and ensure you select the correct version number based on the information in step four.
  7. Now select firmware and download the latest firmware file.
  8. Once the firmware file has been download, extract the firmware upgrade from the zip file.
  9. Go back to the TP-link admin page and select browse next to New Firmware File on the Upgrade Firmware page.
  10. Select the unzipped firmware file. It should end with .bin extension.
  11. Select Upgrade and wait ~10 for the firmware upgrade to complete.

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