Best Outdoor Solar LED Motion Light – KeShi 30 LED Adjustable Spotlight Review

Solar Lights Outdoor, KeShi LED Motion Sensor Solar Security Lights with Dual Head Spotlights 360° Adjustable Outdoor Solar Lights for Front Door, Yard, Garden, Garage 

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This Outdoor Solar LED Motion Light is sold under several different brand names. Please find a list of these names below. I recommend comparing prices with the items below to find the best price for you! ?

  • Topmante, GoerTek, Ollivage, TOOLARA SMD2835, Douyen, CINOTON, Ambaret, MANMEI, Fatpoom, HEGUAN, MOGOI, LKYG, Berlato, CZPF, Moligh, DOOK

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Pros of the solar LED motion light:

  • Side spotlights can be adjusted to fit your lighting needs.
  • Solar panel doesn’t need full sunlight to charge enough to run all night.
  • Must have pin to turn on/off, so any intruders looking to quickly turn it off with a button will be disappointed.
  • Solar panel can be adjusted for maximum light absorption.
  • Simple to mount.
  • Lights will blink to let you know that there is a low battery.

Cons of the solar LED motion light:

  • Not as bright as I hoped.
  • Needs to be mounted pretty high to get the most light coverage and for the motion sensor to detect motion.
  • Lights can block the motion sensor if they are adjusted underneath it, so be cognizant when you’re moving them.
  • Lights stay on all the time.  They are dim when motion isn’t detected, but if you are looking for something that will remain off until the light detects motion, this might not be the light for you.

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