Mpow Hunter Bluetooth Headphones Review

Mpow Hunter Bluetooth Headphones - Neckband

Mpow Bluetooth Headphones V4.1 wireless Neckband Bluetooth Headset Stereo Noise Cancelling & Vibration Alert


Looking for some new neckband Bluetooth headphones? In this unboxing and review we show you the BRAND NEW Mpow Hunter Neck Band Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones(Paid Link). These BT headphones powerful bass and very clear audio. I was also extremely impressed with call quality.

The first thing you notice about the mpow hunter neckband headphones(Paid Link) is how light and flexible they are. The neckband consist of a very durable silicone that makes it not only flexible but extremely comfortable. They are also very light, I almost forgot I was wearing them because of how lightweight they are.

The Mpow Hunter Neckband Headphones are perfect for me because I often work from home and need to wear some sort of headphones to speak on conference calls. I wanted something very comfortable that would pick up my voice clearly. These headphones have done just that. I can wear them for hours with no issues and with the microphone positioned in the front of the left earbud, my teammates can hear me very clearly on the phone. Another thing I really like is the battery. I find that they last through my entire work day which is great because I don’t have to worry about switching while in a meeting or anything.

The controls are all on the left side of the headphones. I found this to be extremely convenient and easy to use. The buttons are large enough to be easy to find with your fingers and there really are a lot of things you can do with just 3 buttons. The large single button control on/off, pause/play, and answer/end calls. The arrow buttons control both the volume and track.

These BT headphones(Paid Link) have powerful bass and very clear audio. I was actually surprised by the bass when I first used them because I could feel the bass.

I have to say for the price these have been shockingly good headphones!

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