How to Turn Off Netflix Autoplay Trailers – Disable Netflix Autoplay Previews

Turn off netflix autoplay

How to turn off Netflix autoplay?  In this tutorial, I show you how to easily disable autoplay trailers. Doing this will turn off autoplay previews and continue watching on all devices for your Netflix profile. The steps in this tutorial can be followed on any device, including: desktop computer, mobile phone, tablet, or even a Chromebook. 

Turn Off Netflix Auto Play Video Tutorial:

Follow the steps below to turn off Netflix auto-play:

  1. Open a browser and go to
  2. Login to your account and select the profile where you’d like to turn off autoplay.
  3. Select the arrow in the top right and select account.
  4. In the account settings, scroll down and select Playback settings.
  5. On the playback settings page, deselect the check mark next to Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices. 
  6. Select save at the bottom of the page.

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