Fix Frozen Garmin Forerunner Watch – 35, 45, 235, 245,645, 935, 945, and More

Fix Any Frozen Forerunner

Is your Garmin Forerunner watch frozen or not responding? In this tutorial, I show you how to restart or fix your unresponsive Garmin Forerunner watch. This fix can be used on the following Garmin Forerunner models 35, 45, 235, 245, 645, 935, 945 and other Garmin watches.   Don’t have yours yet? No worries!

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Video Tutorial:

Follow the steps below to fix your frozen or unresponsive Garmin Forerunner watch:

  1. Hold down the light button on the Garmin Forerunner for 15 seconds.Fix Frozen or Unresponsive Garmin Forerunner Watch Tutorial
  2. The screen should turn black and then show the Garmin emblem.
  3. You have now restarted your frozen Garmin Forerunner.

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