ELEGIANT Microphone Review – SF-920

Looking to make audio recordings or voice overs for YouTube videos? Check out the ELEGIANT SF-920 Multimedia Studio Wired Handsfree Condenser Microphone for an awesome less than $20 mic that comes with a tripod. Product link on Amazon – http://amzn.to/2eqhMcI(Paid Link)


The look of the SF-920 is very impressive. It has a very clean and very professional look. The microphone comes with a Mount, and Cord. The mount has a great look, with a short next and then three tripod legs, it looks very cool sitting on my desk. The actual microphone looks great with the very large chrome colors metal grille.



I have to say that I have really been impressed with the build of the ELEGIANT Microphone(Paid Link). It has a great weight, and seems very sturdy. The mount is very made and seems to hold the microphone very well. The mount is only about 6 inches tall, which is perfect for placing it on a desk while you are recording. While the mic is in the mount is can be adjusted to point higher or lower as needed. I found this to be extremely convenient when recording. I really liked the mount and think it does a great job of holding the mic at the perfect height while sitting on my desk

Sound Quality:

elegiant-sf-920-microphone5The sound quality of the SF-902(Paid Link) is pretty good. Not great but pretty good. I did some test recordings of my voice and while my voice was very clear, there was a slight background noise that sounds like white noise or static. When doing my test recording I made sure to have a very quick environment but still found the noise. Like I said, my voice comes through VERY clearly and the recording is mostly great except for the white noise sound. I found that it is very simple to remove this static noise with the free software called Audacity. I was able to process the sound and entirely remove the static

This SF-920 Microphone is sold under several different brand names, so consider checking the list below before purchasing:
– FOME Condenser Sound Studio Recording Microphone
– Fotga Condenser Sound Studio Recording Microphone
– Tumo Professional Condenser Sound Podcast Studio Microphone
– SF-920 USB Condenser Microphone
– Andoer Desktop Microphone
– BQLZR SF-920 Professional Condenser Microphone
– ZaxSound Professional Condenser Microphone
– ROSENICE, WYSTOREA, Techhmonster, Pink Lizard, xhorizon and QianHai

Overall, at less than $20, I feel this microphone is a great buy. The look and build are high quality and professional. The recording has slight static but the quality of the recording is still very high. I recommend this to anybody looking for a microphone on a budget. Product link – http://amzn.to/2eqhMcI(Paid Link)

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