How to Add or Change Thumbnails on YouTube Videos

How to add or change thumbnails on YouTube videos? In this tutorial, I show you how to upload custom thumbnails to your YouTube videos. This means you can make your own thumbnail and add it to your YouTube videos. Uploading custom thumbnails is a great way to increase your video click through rate and get more views on YouTube.

Add or Change Thumbnails on YouTube Videos (Video Tutorial):

Follow the steps to upload custom thumbnails on YouTube videos:

  1. Open a browser and navigate to
  2. Once in the YouTube Studio ensure your YouTube channel has the ability to upload custom thumbnails by first selecting settings in the left menu.
  3. In the settings, select Channel, then Feature eligibility.
  4. Ensure you enable Features that require phone verification.
  5. Once enabled select Content in the left menu, then videos.
  6. Find the video you want to add a thumbnail to and select the pencil for details.
  7. Once the video opens scroll down under the description text box and select Upload thumbnail.
  8. Find the thumbnail image on your computer, Macbook, or Chromebook.
  9. Save the video.

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