Turn On / Off Heart Rate Monitor – Garmin Venu Tutorial

turn off heart rate monitor Garmin Venu Tutorials

How to turn on or off the heart rate monitor on the Garmin Venu. In this tutorial, I show you how to turn off or on heart-rate monitoring on the Garmin Venu. This can be useful if the heart rate monitoring is not working or if you would like to extend the battery life of your Garmin Venu. I also do an overview of the wrist heart rate settings including abnormal heart rate warning, pulse ox, and broadcast HR.

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Video Tutorial:

Turn On/Off Heart Rate Monitoring on the Garmin Venu:

  1. Hold down the bottom right button to open the Menu.
  2. Once the Menu opens, scroll down and select Settings gear.
  3. Once Settings open, scroll and select Wrist Heart Rate.
  4. In the Wrist Heart Rate settings, select Status to turn on or off the heart rate monitor.

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