How to Write Vertical Text in Excel

How to write vertical text in Excel? In this tutorial, I show you how to change text direction in Microsoft Excel. This means you can change the orientation of text to rotate it up, down, or at an angle. Rotating text vertical in MS Excel is easy and can make your spreadsheet look more professional.

Write Vertical Text in Excel (Video Tutorial):

Follow the steps below to create a drop down list in Excel:

  1. Open Excel on your Windows 10 computer or Mac.
  2. Highlight the cell with text you want to rotate vertical.
  3. In the top menu under the Home tab select the icon that looks like ab with an arrow under it.
  4. Select your desired method for rotating text. You can choose from Angle Counterclockwise, Angle Clockwise, Vertical Text, Rotate Text Up, and Rotate Text Down.

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