How to Make a Gamepass in Roblox Pls Donate

How to make a gamepass in Roblox Pls Donate? In this tutorial, I show you how to create a Roblox gamepass and add it to Pls Donate. Adding a game pass to Pls Donate allows you to accept donations in Roblox Pls Donate. This means you can easily add a donation button to Roblox Pls Donate.

Make a Gamepass in Roblox Pls Donate (Video Tutorial):

Follow the steps below to make a gamepass in Roblox Pls Donate:

  1. Open a browser on your PC or Laptop and navigate to and login.
  2. Select Create in the top menu. If needed select, Manage Experience.
  3. In the left menu select Passes.
  4. Select Browser and update any image you want for your Roblox Gamepass.
  5. Add a name and description to your gamepass and then select Preview.
  6. Select Verify Upload.
  7. You have now created your Roblox Pls Donate gamepass. Select the gear next to your gamepass and select Configure.
  8. On the configure page, select Sales.
  9. Toggle on Item for Sale and configure the cost of your gamepass. Keep in mind you will only get 70% of the cost in Robux.
  10. To add your gamepass to Pls Donate, enter the Pls Donate server.
  11. Find an unclaimed stand, go up to it and hold the e key on your keyboard.

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