TRNDlabs FRANKLIN Over Ear Headphones Review

Over Ear Headphones

TRNDlabs FRANKLIN Wireless Bluetooth Headphones w/ built-in mic Foldable Compact over ear headphones
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Looking for a new pair of over-the-ear Bluetooth headphones? In this review and unboxing we look at the TRNDlabs Franklin Bluetooth Headphones. These wireless headphones feature over 10 hours of play time and are extremely portable because of their foldable design. Currently – ~$50 on Amazon –

Overall I really like the TRNDlabs Franklin headphones. The sound quality was great, the vocals were very clear and crisp and the bass came through strong, which is surprising for headphones of this cost. There are however, some aspects of these headphones that I did not like.

The first thing I disliked about the Franklin Bluetooth headphones was the charging connector. These headphones feature a USB mini connector which seems a little outdated and means you will need to carry a different charging cable than you use for your phone to charge these headphones. The headphones also play a low tone when turning on or off that got a little annoying.

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