Pacuwi Bluetooth Headphones Review

Looking for a new pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds? The new Pacuwi Bluetooth Headphones could be perfect for you. These $16 headphones have a battery life of 5 hours, feature extremely clear audio, and are perfect for working out. In these video we check out the The Pacuwi Bluetooth Headphones ~$16 on Amazon –

Video Review:

Pros of the Pacuwi Bluetooth Headphones:
• 5 hours of talk time or 175 hours standby
• Easy 3 button design, makes is very simply to pair and control
• Very light weight and comfortable when wearing. This makes them perfect for running, exercise, or sports.
• Bright colors green and blue
• Music and other audio was very clear
• Many of the same great features as comparable headphones from ToaTronics, Mpow, Phaiser, AYL, SENSO, Hussar, aelec, Amuoc, E-Mihi, and Dreaminex
• Great price of ~$16 on Amazon

Cons of the Pacuwi Bluetooth Headphones
• There is a lip on the earbud that can be a little uncomfortable when moving the earbud in the ear. The plastic is a little sharp
• I found that the signal gets a little spotty when I went beyond a range of 20 feet.
• The micro USB charging port does not have a cover, so I have some concern of sweat or water getting in the port when exercising or running. These are not waterproof

These Bluetooth Earbuds are also sold under the brand names below:
• coolcoo2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Noise Cancelling Headphones for Running
• OAILI Bluetooth Headphones
• Show Wish Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

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