Codio Earbud Headphones Review – MR012

codio headphones

Looking for a new pair of stylish headphones? The new Codio In-Ear Headphones look and sound AMAZING. Currently only ~$24 on Amazon

Codio Earbud HeadphonesLook:

I love the look of these headphones. The actual earbuds are made of a heavy metal that feels solid and gives off a really great looking shine. The metal is two toned with gold accents. Additionally, all of the metal on the cable, such as the mic and button are made a of a gold metal that looks beautiful. The cable is a clear plastics cover braided wire. It looks awesome.


Build:Codio Earbud Headphones

The build of these headphones is amazing. As I said before the earbuds are made of metal and extremely sturdy feeling. They are heavy and well made. The cord is braided and made of think plastic that makes it feel as though it will last a very long time. They feel great in the ear and are also noise canceling. Most of the noise canceling seems to come from the way the earbud blocks your ear canal.


Codio Earbud HeadphonesSound:

The sound produced by the Codio In-Ear Headphones is amazing!! The noise canceling means that all of the sounds come through very clearly. The volume can get extremely loud but also sounds great at a lower volume. The highs and lows come through at very nice levels.



The Button:Codio Earbud Headphones

These Codio Headphones feature a microphone and button. This feature allows for the answering and taking of phone calls while using the device. I found that the button worked very well for answering and ending calls. It is a very well made button and that a nice tactical feedback when pushed. The microphone worked very well for me.

I really liked these headphones and would recommend them to anyone I know looking for a new pair of In-Ear headphones. These headphones came it two AWESOME carrying cases. The first is a very protect foam case that zips up and the second is a clothe bag. I have really been impressed with these headphones.

If you found this review helpful please consider using the following affiliate link to purchase the device Thank you for reading!

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